We are temporary closed due to serious ill health :(

Due to the fact we are a family rescue and we do not have the resources to employ ppl to keep it going, We hope to reopen as soon as health issues improve, and all animals that we have rescued will continue to reside with us and be cared for by the family.

if you are local to us and you are willing to deliver an unwanted fish to us, we have a 4 ft and a 3 ft tank ready cycled, but please contact us first before calling just in case the tank space has been taken, please allow a couple of days for reply due to health issues. 

please use the contact us button here -------------------------------------------------------------------------->

 Welcome to Southwalesfishrescue.org.uk

South wales fish rescue is a free UK wide non profit organisation, see our UK wide adoption forum.  http://swfr.icyboards.net/ which relies on volunteers and donations of materials and food from local company's for free advertising on this site and any site that is connected to south wales fish rescue.

Our service is free and all fish are transported humanely and are given a good home for life with us. we do not adopt out or make any money from adopting out.

We also rescue freshwater river fish, and fish from old quarrys,( if it is a freshwater  we save it)

When fish are rescued they will be posted on this site, so the owner can see the fish in their new home and know they are safe and well.

If you have any fish items to donate i.e ( pipe, food, tanks, pumps, pond plants, pond lining, nets, or anything you may have that can be used for freshwater fish. please contact us through email or phone or on our contact us page,

 Registered with the r.s.p.c.a.


 If you wish to drop off your fish at our address, please ring before hand to arrange a time and day. 


If you live anywhere in the uk we can still help.

check out our uk wide fish adoption forum at  http://swfr.icyboards.net/. for help with adoptions of pond and tropical and saltwater fish, where we can get you together with other fishkeepers to find your fish a happy home.

 this service/forum is free to use and is for the people we cannot help due to them being too far away from us or we do not have the facilities or room to take on the fish they have.

unfortunately we have had to split the site to accommodate our forum so we use this main site as our blog and our forum is for chat and posting and fish that need adopting uk wide, we are sorry for the inconvenience but it was the only way we could make space for both forum and blog.  

We now rescue freshwater tropical in south wales.

We now rescue freshwater tropical in the south wales area, due to limited space. please contact us before dropping off any fish so we can make sure we have the correct space and community for them.

Haven't got the hart to put down your fish ?

We can help, we run a free fish euthanasia service in south wales, some owners feel very uncomfortable putting down there old or sick fish and cant bring themselves to do it, so if you are one of those people, give us a call.
If you wish for information on how to euthanise your own fish humanely because you live too far away please call or email us, see our contact info.
Not all fish need to be put down just because there ill, so please try to medicate your fish as soon as it appears ill, if all else fails give us a call.
Please do not freeze or flush your dead or dying fish.
 We would like to thank www.vetark.co.uk for donating aqua-sed for our free fish euthanasia service, this will allow us to provide an accurate and humane service. All animals suffer with ill health at some point in there lives and when treatments fail to rectify the problem we hope that you will take the time to contact us for info or help, we do not judge and our service is confidential.
We have a NO KILL policy, which means we will not put any healthy animal down or any animal which can be saved with medication.

one of our axolotls

We now support the big fish campain.

The aim of the Big Fish Campaign is to raise awareness about the problem of aquarium fish that grow larger than the vast majority of home aquaria can accommodate, and to promote responsible buying and selling of these larger species.
The campaign will be focusing on a positive approach, including:
raising awareness throughout the hobby and aquatic trade about the extent of the problem
dispelling the myth that fish only grow to a size relative to the tank size (!)
asking retailers to sell larger fish responsibly by providing information on realistic adult sizes of these species
encouraging wholesalers and retailers not to routinely stock the "worst offenders" such as Pacu and Pangasius catfish - and instead concentrate on the hundreds of more suitable aquarium fish available to the hobby!
It is not the aim of the campaign to ban certain fish from sale, or push for restrictive licensing – quite the opposite in fact: it is hoped that a more responsible attitude from fishkeepers, retailers and wholesalers/importers will help to prevent the need for future legislation.


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