Quotes Many thanks to Andrew and team at SWFR for solving our lonely Goldfish dilemma. With my three girls grown up and off to Uni just one loved but lonely Goldfish remained from their childhood pets and we didn't want to add more fish. Hence a lonely Goldfish. Very very impressed with the SWFR set up and integrity and our Goldfish will be much happier in a pond with friends than on his own in a tank. Thank you very much and best wishes for the future. Quotes
Peter Warren
Thank You

Quotes I would like to say a huge thank you to Andrew and Nicola for coming to our koi and goldfish' rescue. They are a very nice couple who acted in a totally professional manner in helping us out of the dilemma we were in, as due to a move we were unable to rehome them ourselves. They gave us their reassurance that the fish would be well looked after and Andrew has sent me pictures of them settled in their home! To me this is the best outcome that I could have wished for, as having had them all for 12/13 years I had grown very attached to them and was extremely worried about their outcome. Once again Andrew and Nicola, thank you very very much! Avril and Keith Quotes
Avril Terrar
One very happy lady

Quotes To South Wales Fish Rescue, Cannot give enough thanks for taking on Maurice and giving him the forever home he's always deserved. As you know, I inherited Maurice after a bereavement, so finding him a good home was not only an important time, but an emotional one as well. Since inheriting him I found out how common plecos like him often end up getting rehomed due to their size, and rehoming isn't always easy. The care, sensitivity and professionalism you showed were so heartwarming, and being able to keep in touch and get updates on him is just lovely. His original owner would be so pleased to see the life he now has. It was so lovely to meet you both, see the animals in your care and how hard you work, but most of all it's been so reassuring to know there are people like you out there. Many thanks... Rhiannon and family Quotes
Rhiannon Usher
Satisfied Customer :-D

Quotes A big thank you for your help today. We are very glad that the fish have gone to a good home and you are able to make use of the equipment that we had. It was great to talk to you both about what you do and wish you all the best with your future ventures and hope you will keep us updated. Very thoughtful of you to send us links to the webcam and photos. A truly professional service! Quotes
Kate Bryon
Fantastic People

Quotes Thank you so much for your professional help and advice. I can tell our 81 goldfish have gone to a good home. We appreciate all the effort you put in. Quotes
Elizabeth Wills

Quotes Hi Andy Thank you so much for your help. Glad the recovery went well Sharon's Uncle would have been very appreciative of your kind attention. Quotes
rescue at sennybridge.

Quotes A massive thanks to Andrew who came to our rescue and took in two Orandas that we had purchased who were bullying our Common Goldfish. As well as helping us, Andrew gave us good advice and he is a great person to talk to - I hope I didn't take up too much of your evening chatting! All the best, and we will keep you in mind for donations! Many thanks, Scott. Quotes
Bullying Orandas

Quotes Many thanks to you both, glad to see that they made it. You were a great help, good luck with all your good work. I am sure they will all have a very good long life with you....... Quotes
shirley a48
rescue in village

Quotes Your service was fantastic ? very many thanks for collecting the fish. We hope they enjoy their new home. Quotes
thank you.

Quotes Hi Nicola, A big Thank You for what you did yesterday. My Mother was very pleased with what you did, and your reassurance and advice were greatly appreciated. I will look into the solar fountain and new pump and filter. Thank you again to yourself, Andy and your young helper, with regards Paula. Quotes