Companys and websites who support south wales fish rescue.

We would like to thank the companys and websites below for there support over the past year.

We would like to give a big thank you to zodiac internet solutions ltd for there support, and hosting our uk wide adoption forum for free, to help us to help the fish and all other wildlife that live in our tanks, ponds,rivers, lakes and seas.

"Zodiac Internet are pleased to support South Wales Fish Rescue. Based in Sully, South Wales, we provide web design and development services to a broad range of clients in the local area and further afield. We specialise in web standards, accessibility, content management systems (with particular expertise in Wordpress and Drupal custom theme development), search engine optimisation and web consultancy and if you'd like to get in touch then we would be pleased to discuss your requirements. Please visit our website:"                                                         HAQ Publishing Ltd / 

The Pets and Animals Directory and is proud to support the work of South Wales Fish Rescue. What they do is so important in terms of awareness regarding fish welfare issues, from the importance of caring for our natural waterways, the issues facing owners; to their work in engineering rehoming of needy fish. South Wales Fish rescue do all this for free, and provide a much needed, humane service via the kindness of volunteers and donations, and deserve your support.’
The Pets and Animals is the UK’s premier glossy pets and animals directory, covering all aspects of the industry, products to services and everything in between. Interesting editorial, exciting competitions and full listings of dog and cat breeders, aquatics, small animals, accessories, equine providers and more make up this glossy A4 publication which is available via WH Smiths, independent newsagents and a whole host of independent outlets from vets to garden centres and pet stores, as well at the major shows including Crufts and the London Pet Show.

As a well established publisher, we also offer, our directory website with all the benefits of the hard copy at your fingertips. We have embraced social media to raise awareness for us, our customers and all the relevant issues, so find us today at:

Twitter @PetsAnimalsWeb

HAQ Publishing Ltd also runs for Web Design and Search Engine Optimisation

Other titles include:

Specialist Directory Solutions
Classic Car Directory (hard copy magazine) – Website :
Motoring Directory (hard copy magazine) – Website :
Motorcycle Reference Directory (hard copy magazine) – Website :
Antiques, Collectables and Memorabilia Directory (hard copy magazine) – Website :
Wedding Finder Directory (hard copy magazine) – Website :
Camping, Caravan and Motorhome Directory (hard copy magazine) – Website :
Boats and Watersports Directory (hard copy magazine) – Website :
Pets and Animals Directory (hard copy magazine) – Website :

Regional Directory Solutions
Hertfordshire Business Directory (hard copy magazine) – Website :
Hertfordshire Focus Directory (hard copy magazine) – Website :
Bedfordshire Focus Directory (hard copy magazine) – Website :
Buckinghamshire & Berkshire Focus Directory (magazine) : &
Essex Focus Directory (hard copy magazine) – Website :
Sussex Focus Directory (hard copy magazine) – Website :
Kent Focus Directory (hard copy magazine) – Website :

Other Specialist On-line directory websites


269 HOLTON RD BARRY CF63 4HT  TEL 01446 739959.

 Myfishforsale was setup by a hobbyist for the hobbyists.

Our aim was to set up a free buying and selling market place for all fish and aquatic items, we do our best in every way to ensure the site is fresh, active and free.

Our main aims are to:

· Always remain FREE, we will never add end of auction fees, you sell your items and keep the profit.

· To become the largest buying and selling market for fish and aquatics.

· To always support UK fish and aquatic Companies in every way we can.

· Ensure a safe buying and selling market (Now with a dispute resolution - to help you solve any issues)

Why do we think you should use us?

· Main reason we are FREE

· Why see American companies profit from English money?

· The more users to sign up, the more items brought, sold and listed all help with the popularity of the site.

· In the long run we hope to help Sellers and buyers a like. Sellers by more profits being kept Buyers as this should mean items are listed for cheaper.

We will always do our best as regards to the site and one day hope to become a household name for fish and aquatics.


uk animal rescuers supports south wales fish rescue.


Fish rescue england supports south wales fish rescue

The Tropical Fish Centre Ewenny Garden Centre on the outskirts of Bridgend. SUPPORTS S.W.FISH RESCUE.

The Tropical Fish Centre is a leading retailer of Tropical and Coldwater fish in the Bridgend area. We are situated within Ewenny Garden Centre on the outskirts of Bridgend.

We have 40 fish tanks of quality fish at very competitive prices, and also sell turtles, aquatic plants, fish tanks, fish food as well as heaters, filters, lighting and accessories for aquaria. Pond fish food, pond treatments, and pond pumps and filters now in stock. Tortoises and tortoise homes are now available to order.!home/mainPage

Visit our Facebook page at



About Birmingham Koi

Birmingham Koi is fast becoming a popular choice with Koi keepers in the Birmingham area and beyond.

Ponds need constant management and it can be difficult for beginners to get the balance right, especially with array of products on offer today. Birmingham Koi can offer advice and guidance about the best equipment for them either on the ‘phone or in person.

Birmingham Koi can supply customers with a wide range of Koi products such as medication, pumps and filter systems – everything you need to keep a happy, healthy pond.

We can supply anything that you may need to create your ideal pond and have a list of suppliers within the industry who can provide almost any equipment you may desire.

Contact Details

Call us on 0121 429 1502

Mobile 07763 226 336

B68 9JG supports south wales fish rescue.

Dreamreef are a Marine only shop based in Leicester. We have a fully trained Ichthyoligist working with answers and advice for most Marine Related problems/questions. We stock and supply a vast range of drygoods from all the top brands plus some exclusive lines. We carry stock from all your fragging needs to complete systems. Now open our Marine tank showroom, here you will find a great range of Marine tanks, nanos to plug and plays to custom builds. If your looking for a upgrade or just a new nano, visit Dreamreefs ne showroom.
We are renouned for our High grade corals, some of the best examples available within the UK.
We also source hard to find fish and corals for customers, you just have to email or telephone with your wanted list and we will do the rest.
This website is a showcase for our stock and not a commerce site. If you want anything on the website telephone 01162108112 or email
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pets4homes supports south wales fish rescue.